Pool Opening Service

Pool Opening 2024 prices and information

Pool Opening Service - Overview

  1. Tarp and water bags or safety cover cleaned and drained.
  2. Cover folded evenly and rolled tightly. (We will carry it to your desired location)
  3. Winter plugs removed and wall fittings replaced. (skimmer basket, return jets)
  4. All lights and deck equipment re-installed and tested.
  5. Pool equipment re-assembled, system started up. (We can start up most pool circulation systems at initial visit. Some pools may need to be filled prior to start up)
  6. Electronic ignition heaters test fired. (We have a separate heater start up service for older heaters)
  7. 20L of liquid chlorine added to pool water. (Some smaller pools may require less)
  8. Thorough pressure washing of the pool coping and surrounding areas.

Swimming Pool Opening - from $379 + Hst

  • Add $69 + Hst - for pools larger than 18' x 38'.
  • Add $99 + Hst - for an attached spa.
  • Add $69 + Hst - for a water feature with a separate pump.
  • Add $69 + Hst - for solar heating system.
  • Add $39 + Hst - for an auto fill system.
  • Add $69 + Hst - for deck jets.

Safety Cover Pool Opening Special - from only $319 + Hst

* Limited Time - Opening Must Occur Prior to May 1, 2024

  • All normal additions apply for attached hot tubs and water features
  • ⤋ See below for details ⤋