Pool Opening Procedure

Pool Opening Procedure

Pool Opening Procedure (Tarp Pool)

The following is a high level overview of a pool opening procedure.

Things you will need;

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  1. Pump (gas powered or submersible)
  2. Pressure washer or garden hose with nozzle.
  3. 20L of liquid chlorine.
  4. PPE (eye protection, gloves and mask)
  5. Basic tools (assortment of screw drivers, needle nose pliers, adjustable wrench)
  6. A sturdy pool pole, good net & brush.
  7. Paper yard waste bags & transparent contractor bags.
  8. Teflon tape, Magic Lube.

Opening Procedure;

  1. Pump water off the tarp to an appropriate place.
  2. Scoop debris out of the pool while the tarp drains.
  3. Clean the tarp with a pressure washer or hose when it gets closer to being drained. Second person should brush heavy dirt spots. 
  4. Clean the water bags on each side; roll them, leaving plugs out, and place rolled bags into a transparent bag.
  5. Leave a few bags in place to keep the tarp secure all around.
  6. Clean around the edge of the tarp very well.
  7. Spray the tarp as the water drains and there is little remaining debris. One person can spray, the other person should use the pole with brush attachment, dragging towards the pump.
  8. In a two man team work the remaining water towards the pump by lifting the opposite side of the tarp in a hand over hand fashion. Do not drag the tarp, just move the water towards the pump.
  9. Remove the tarp by folding it at the end of the pool from where the pump was draining. Roll the tarp.
  10. Remove the winter plugs; replace return fittings, skimmer basket and any lights or other features.
  11. Re-assemble pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, etc.)
  12. Fill the pool and start up the system when the water rises.

We hope this gives you the overview necessary to open your pool. If you are stuck send us an email or give us a call. We also offer pool opening service in the greater Toronto area.