Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

We want you to succeed at keeping your pool clean and safe. 

To gain complete understanding the fundamentals must be clear.

Let's boil down what a pool does, its most basic function.

- Water in, water out

I used to work for a large pool maintenance company. They did it all, and had customers far and wide. One day, I was sent an awfully far distance; alone, to start up a pool system. My days on the job were limited, I was almost brand new. Upon arrival, I was confronted with (what appeared) to be a confusing pool system; multiple pumps, a mess of pipes and some equipment that was foreign to me. 

I made a panic stricken call to the head office. I'm not sure how, but I ended up on the phone with one of the co-owners. She was calm and collected, I suspect this was not her first rodeo. Flatly she interrupted my defeatist blabbering with, "a pool is just water in and water out".

- Water in, water out

The re-assurance coupled with a re-framing allowed me to understand.

It was like stumbling around in the dark, then a light was switched on.

Getting to work, I finished assembling all the pool equipment, made sure all the plugs were out. The pump began to pull water, success. However, I celebrated too early as water gushed from the roof. A solar heating panel didn't have its relief plug replaced. 

I fastened the relief plug, crisis averted. After switching the pump back on, no more gushing, just a completed cycle of water in and out.

Not much can go wrong opening a pool, a valuable lesson I learned that day. Most important that day was learning to simplify. 

Take your time when opening a pool - re-assemble equipment the way it was before closing.

Open all valves on the return side of plumbing. 

- Water in, water out

Observe the configuration as you start the pump for the first time. Anything not done properly (missing plug) will be evident. 

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